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Aggiornamenti dalla Piattaforma Open Innovation  

Swiss healthcare company active in fall prevention in nursing homes, hospitals and psychiatric institutions is looking for distributors

Danish biotechnology SME offers technical cooperation for novel prediction software for antibody discovery

Upskilling, il 16-17/9 UniMi presenta corsi per laureati e professionisti

UK-based AI Fintech company is seeking collaboration with partners to form a services agreement to trial and test their autonomous financial trading platform

Turkish company that produces elevator materials is looking for a commercial agency agreement

Trasformazione della PA, perché sono necessarie le competenze di e-leadership

Risolvere il problema dei vaccini sensibili alla temperatura

Ricerca, il 13/9 riapre il bando “Seal of Excellence” da 1,5 milioni

Pulse Plasma Generator

Nuova soluzione tutta italiana per il telemonitoraggio cardiovascolare, domiciliare o in mobilità.

“Lombardia Innovativa”, fino al 15/10 si può diventare “modelli d’impresa”

La spesa in ricerca e sviluppo

ff4EuroHPC second open call: urgent PS for manufacturer of devices such as inhalers, nebulizers, aerosols or small/medium pharma/biotech companies using this kind of devices for drug delivery

Danish SME with traceability software system offers license agreements

Proposte per una Strategia italiana per l'intelligenza artificiale

Horizon Europe - Looking for consortium partners for the integration of AI and forecasting modelling in industrial production

German provider of cutting-edge solutions for AI driven digitalization is looking for software providers, consulting companies & machine builders to provide digital offerings to die-casting companies under commercial agency agreement

Exergame e Realtà Virtuale per la riabilitazione: l’innovazione di “CoCare”

COVID- 19: Spanish health and safety company offers solutions and recognised certification to mitigate Covid-19 impacts on tourism to destination service providers under subcontracting

An Israeli software development company specializing in solutions for civil safety and security software is seeking outsourcing agreements

A French software company, that developed an innovative cybersecurity risks management solution, is looking to establish a commercial agency or license agreement with a consulting firm

Uruguayan IoT and robotics company, with expertise in developing custom hardware and software solutions, is willing to offer research, development and consultancy for new products and business enhancement through outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

UK software company offering a programming tool that analyses code and provides instant feedback seeks a commercial agreement with technical assistance, with developers that utilise the programming languages C/C++

 UK medical technology company looking for Velcro 'loop' elastic straps for supplier or manufacturing agreement

UK company offers business subscription services for automatic transcription, translation and subtitling seeks commercial agency agreements

Turkey based university is seeking industrial partners from composite, automotive, EVs, logistics sectors for its composite leaf spring system concept and its manufacturing process

Swiss SME with expertise and a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the generation of synthetic data is looking to join a Horizon Europe consortium

Specialised Portuguese R&D organization supports companies through custom-design, development, testing and validation in different markets (industry 4.0, health and wellbeing) to deliver customized solutions under outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Spanish company looking for health institutions interested in acquiring a license to use a software developed for the integral management and decision-making support of tumour boards in hospitals.

Seeking data modellers and researchers to validate and refine data models and real-world use case scenarios for a mobile app that tracks weather and the impact it has on long term health conditions and chronic pain

Russian developer of a software platform for improving the effectiveness of advertising at a retail outlet is looking for licence partners

Romanian SME company producing films, commercials, documentaries, online video content and fashion films is looking for new international partners through outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Romanian SME company producing all sort of films is looking for new international partners through subcontracting agreement.

Riapre il bando "Seal of Excellence" della Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica

Research Institute offering software tools for energy alarming and monitoring of buildings, based on measured and forecasting data

Pre-commercial Procurement of innovative ICT- enabled Integrated Care Solutions - Chronic Heart Failure. Seeking integration and sensor technology partners

Medical injection products by a Chinese producer open to business partnership through an agency or distribution agreement

Maltese software house offers a combination of bespoke and off-the-shelf solution, under outsourcing or subcontracting agreement

Maltese IT company offering an AI powered software platform used in schools and corporate settings is looking for technology partner to act as agent/representative under license agreement and to perform customization in external markets

Macedonian hardware and software development company is offering its services under commercial agency, outsourcing or subcontracting agreement

Macedonian company offers its digital marketing services under outsourcing agreements

Low cost diagnostic bilirubin assay for Kernicterus prevention

Italian company active in the aerospace and defence sectors seeks to establish distribution services agreements

Israeli manufacturing company in electro- and opto-mechanical systems offers outsourcing agreements

Investor Days: a ottobre startup e PMI innovative incontrano gli investitori

Industry 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Programme seeks disruptive tech startups around the world

Il virus dell’insicurezza, lo scudo della scienza

HE-MSCA-DN-ID (Industrial Doctorate) partner search: Spanish university looks for SME with strong R&D profile in the field of IoT, machine learning or cloud technologies applied to smart cities to join an international consortium.

German-Ukrainian SME specialised in AI and data science looking for outsourcing agreement

German start-up is looking for partners and investors to further develop novel active, electrically sterilisable air filters for health protection

English-learning mobile app for academics developed by German-British start-up open for partnerships with universities under license agreement

Da UniMi Smart-hand e iGrape, per un’agricoltura 4.0 e più sostenibile

Complex e-commerce omnichannel platform for cross-border sales offered for co-operation based on commercial agency agreement, subcontracting or licence agreement

Bordiga: “Chimica e sostenibilità, i catalizzatori per il recupero di scarti”

Automated analysis and optimization of manual processes in hospitals, logistics or production sites

Artificial intelligence of things (AIoT)-based real- time monitoring and behavioural pattern recognition for human activities

Application for traffic analysis through geoposition routes

An Israeli company that develops and implements innovative solutions for the production of biogas, based on livestock waste, is looking for joint venture/ license/ commercial partners in the field of biogas production and nutrient recovery

Albanian software development company seeks ICT partners to conclude an outsourcing agreement

AI analytics platform for video imaging optimisation

A UK company has developed an innovative method of delivering power through glass invisibly seeks international partners in Europe, USA and Canada (other countries will be considered) through a joint venture or manufacturing agreement.

A small Romanian company specialized in geoinformatics and cloud computing offers a powerful geointelligence software suite under license or commercial agency agreement

A Romanian IT recruitment company is looking for partners under outsourcing and commercial agency agreements

A Milano INFN protagonista per accelerare la ricerca nel quantum computing

A Macedonian software company, with its innovative digital solution suitable for hospitals, seeks license partners or commercial agents

A Korean SME specialized in producing mobile application book is looking for partners under
commercial agency agreement

A Korean company, specialized in manufacturing Body Composition Analyzers (BCA) and Blood Pressure
Monitors (BPM) seeks global distribution partners

A Korean company specialized in VR (virtual reality) technology based mental healthcare solution is looking for partners under technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreement

A Japanese SME is providing design verification services for the semiconductor industry in the EU under subcontracting and agency agreements

A Dutch cybersecurity company offers penetration tests and management vulnerability services, to conclude a commercial agency agreement.

A Bulgarian 3D visualization and animation studio is offering 3D product presentation and e- commerce services to potential partners under outsourcing agreement or subcontracting

Romanian company specialized in digitalisation activities offers its services under an outsourcing

New polymeric materials with exceptional mechanical and thermal properties

Lombardia 2030: Coffeefrom

The Ukrainian engineering company is looking for distribution or commercial agency agreements

Spanish SME specialized in Visible Light Communications (VLC) technology wants to enter new markets with their developer-oriented device based on LED light modulation, through licence/ distribution services/joint venture agreements

Sanità e territorio. I servizi socio-sanitari dei comuni italiani

Innovazione, fino al 13/9 Startcup Lombardia premia le nuove idee d’impresa

Innovative technologies for medical devices

German partner sought for co-developing educational tablet app for children 6-10years

Divieto di pubblicità e sponsorizzazioni sui combustibili fossili

An established Slovak company has developed a solution focused on disposal of dog excrements and is looking for partners to cooperate via commercial agency agreement

An Albanian consulting and marketing company is seeking partners under outsourcing agreement

Le implicazioni ambientali a lungo termine del COVID-19

Bordiga: “Chimica e sostenibilità, i catalizzatori per il recupero di scarti”

A Dutch cybersecurity company offers penetration tests and management vulnerability services, to conclude a commercial agency agreement.

Albanian company specialized in software engineering services seeks subcontracting agreements

UK company specialising in smart 3D battery electrodes seeks to partner with battery fabrication and scale-up facilities, battery ink and active material suppliers, and electrode coating experts under technical cooperation agreement

Romanian web and mobile application development company seeks international partners to help them with digitalisation, service extension and development of new digital products

Portuguese SME is looking for drone operators worldwide for crop monitoring platform under services agreement.

Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza - Missione Salute

MobilitAria: più piste ciclabili ma ancora troppo inquinamento

Lavoro, in Lombardia le maggiori offerte per neolaureati

Innovative Bulgarian web development, branding and digital marketing company offers its services under subcontracting agreements

Digital ecosystem to integrate information from every phase of a boat's life cycle offered under subcontracting and outsourcing

Bonfante: “Dallo studio del microbiota piante più produttive e resistenti”

An Israeli company specializing in recording and monitoring systems and agent performance optimization solutions for the global communications market is looking for commercial agency agreements

A Serbian IT company is looking for partners from agriculture, automotive, energy, smart cities, legal, healthcare and other industries for its software and hardware development services through outsourcing

A Romanian recruitment company, specialized in placing young and middle IT professionals in projects, is looking for partners under outsourcing and commercial agency agreements

A Macedonian company offers an innovative software solution for HR management to partners under commercial agency or licensing agreement

Transizione energetica: la filiera delle tecnologie delle rinnovabili in Italia

Supuran: “Da un enzima meno CO2, nuovi farmaci antitumorali e antibiotici”

Spanish start-up is looking for a financial agreement to scale its industry validated and registered platform in the multi-billion urban goods distribution market.

Sicurezza sul lavoro: un “naso elettronico” fiuta le sostanze nocive

Multipurpose satellite platform using electric propulsion for small missions from Earth up to the Moon

Lombardia 2030: ImpollinAzione Urbana

Ecosistema digitale E015: i risultati e un patto di sviluppo e governance

Slovenian manufacturer of wearable electrocardiograph medical device seeks distributors and investors under financial agreement

Proposte per l’attuazione del PNRR in sanità: governance, riparto, fattori abilitanti e linee realizzative delle missioni

IT company from Serbia specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) is looking for partners through outsourcing agreement

Device for increasing the useful life and reducing energy consumption by individual dimming in LED lamps

Bonus “Business Angel”, in un anno 102 milioni per startup e PMI innovative

Assessment tool for predicting the dynamic risk of drowning on beaches looking for technical and
commercial partners

A Serbian company has developed an online music education platform and is looking for partners for licensing and commercial agency agreements

Low-noise drones and landing and storage platforms for autonomous medical transport logistics in urban areas

Digital therapy planning for predictive cancer treatment

Romanian high tech software company offering software solutions for field workforce automation eeks IT solutions integrators under subcontracting agreements

A Bulgarian company offering production and assembly of printed circuit boards is looking for partners under a manufacturing agreement.

A Bulgarian software company offers disruptive tech solutions in the field of augmented reality under license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance

A Czech SME is looking for a commercial agency agreement for its smart camera surveillance system for animals observation

A Korean company developing a big data and artificial intelligence based non-invasive medical device for measuring blood glucose and blood pressure seeks foreign investors under financial agreement

A Ukrainian company is looking for partners interested in solving specific tasks in the field of 3D under a commercial agency, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements.

Belgian SME is looking for distributors for a Data Collection and Risk Mapping software package in Europe and worldwide under commercial agency or distribution services agreements

Blue polymeric powder for 3D printing for food and safety application

Latvian developer of GPS and fleet control management solutions is looking for partners for commercial agency services agreements

Order and monitoring tool for ship operators – German SME looking for commercial agency agreements

Pazienti delle RSA, migliorare l’assistenza grazie al digitale

Portuguese SME seeks agents worldwide for crop monitoring with drones, under commercial agency agreement.

Rapporto mondiale delle Nazioni Unite sullo sviluppo delle risorse idriche 2021: il valore dell’acqua

Russian specialist in neural networks seeks international partners to sign license agreement

Spanish global booking marketplace for corporate event organizers is looking for financial agreement or joint venture

Premio Startup per il clima, fino all’8/8 la Challenge per ridurre i gas serra

UK SME that specialises in immersive transmedia training to change and measure employee work behaviours, seeks licensing and commercial agency agreements

Romanian web design company is looking for partners under outsourcing agreements

Romanian technology company offers customer tailored technology and services for clients in different fields of activity, under outsourcing agreement

Plagiarism detection and prevention software company is looking for commercial agency agreements

Swedish SME with an innovative solution for safe level crossings is looking for partners to develop a unique safety solution together in joint venture or techincal cooperation agreement

Romanian company specialised in web applications, custom software development and business consulting is offering its services under outsourcing and/or subcontracting agreements

Real-time incident response through digitalization of operations and reduction of downtime losses

Polish company producing IT systems for imaging diagnostics is searching for partners in medical industry under licence agreement

[(KR-FR) Bilateral Co-Funding R&D] Development and Demonstration of AIoT(AI based IoT) service based on Digital Twin for optimal operation of heat energy in small and medium-sized buildings

Continuous blood pressure estimation from photoplethysmogram signal

Compact, lightweight & low-cost hydrogen fuel cell

Bulgarian producer of electronic and electro- mechanical products, plastic details, metal boxes, cable looms, and LED lamps is looking for distribution and production partners abroad

A Turkish-American company focused on virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions for the tourism sector, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and cooperation agreements.

Physics simulation in Life Science and Healthcare

COVID19 - Digitalisation tool for managing and optimising occupancy of educational spaces

Bee colony monitoring system based on predicting bee conditions through acoustic monitoring of bees offered via commercial agency agreement

Russian developer of a cloud service for retailers is looking for partners under outsourcing agreement

Polish independent game development studio specializing in mobile games on the Unity 3D engine and on iOS and Android offers its services through outsourcing agreement or subcontracting

Finnish SME offering smart services and applications development is looking for partners for subcontracting or outsourcing in Germany, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA

A Spanish landowner of a barnyard seeks an investor to design, rehabilitate a smart eco rural house and run business together under financial or joint venture agreement

UK SME offering 0% commission app and e- commerce platform seeks commercial agency and license


Polish ICT company offers teleradiology software solutions under license or commercial agency agreement

Danish automated shower cabin technology for care sector for sale to Asian investors under financial agreement

Automation Portuguese company is interested in establishing distribution services agreement

A Korean film manufacturing company for UV/paint protection is seeking global distributors for its newly developed TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane)/PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) based anti-virus & anti-bacteria protection film

A Korean company offering wireless communication solutions is seeking partners to collaborate under distribution services agreement.

A Korea-based Vision AI company offering AR (Augmented Reality) software and contents is looking for global partners who can create greater value with its AR features in their services under license and/or outsourcing agreements.

Start-ups sought to develop interactive maintenance solution for German product lifecycle management (PLM) business

Inorganic materials for electrochemical energy storage

15-17/06: Innovat&Match 2021 - Brokerage event sui temi dell'innovazione

Spanish technology based company is looking for partners for the development of an anti wasp system to eradicate the velutina plague that is ending with the autoctonal bee colonies in Southwestern Europe

Kosovar software development and creative services company seeks outsourcing agreements

Spanish SME company focused on the development of IT solutions/services is looking for partners under a manufacturing and outsourcing agreement.

Scienza, tecnologia, innovazione: per gl studenti un’estate di competizioni

Russian developer of a predictive analytics and risk management platform in healthcare based on artificial intelligence is looking for a licensee

Qatari based Fintech startup is looking for trade agent in payment and remittance services

A Spanish company offers artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, data science and business
intelligence services seeking subcontracting or outsourcing agreement

Software development and integration services company from South-West Poland seeks partners under
outsourcing or subcontracting agreement

COVID-19: A Greek company offers an autonomous disinfection robot which can independently navigate in buildings during non- working hours and eliminate pathogens, including COVID, seeks facilities owners or administrators of big offices, logistics centers

Bulgarian software and hardware company in field of agriculture and food industry is looking for distributors of its integrated solutions

Manufacturer of a high-tech AI camera, identifying anonymized customer demographics, emotions and other patterns in real time seeks agents for commercial agency agreement

Italian company is looking for suppliers of innovative greenhouse and open field sensor systems to sell under a distribution or commercial service agreement.

German consulting company specializing in wind farm site assessment studies seeks subcontracting agreements

Turkish software company specialized in simulation and modeling technologies for defense industry offers subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

Technical hardware, software and/or commercial agency partners sought for the development of an electronic mini tablet and mobile phone docking station for sports referees, to replace the traditional red and yellow cards, pen, and notebook method.

Personal decision support system for heart failure management

Looking for partners in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Singapore to develop new applications of algal pigments in food and cosmetics

A Spanish company is looking for health institutions interested in acquiring a license to use a software developed for the integral management and decision-making support of surgical processes in hospitals

A company located in South West Poland develops artificial intelligence for industrial manufacturing processes, warehousing optimization, automatization enhancements (computer vision, smart algorithms) looks for subcontracting or outsourcing agreements

Turkish startup offering web-based feedback and customer experience management platform software seeks commercial agents

A Turkish company specializing in the production of laboratory blood analysis system is looking for distribution services or manufacturing or joint venture agreements

Ukrainian IT service provider seeks global partners to cooperate under a license or/and commercial agency agreement

UK specialist software company providing a bespoke platform to support and mentor innovators is looking for joint venture or license partners in the business support arena

Turkish developer/producer of online shopping platforms, marketplace integration, UX tests, UI tests, behavioral testing and mobile applications offers commercial agency or Joint Venture agreements

This Italian IT start-up, a developer focused on virtual and augmented reality experiences for the healthcare sector, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and research cooperation agreements.

Seeking expertise in the writing of medical questionnaires as part of the development of a new mobile app to combat insomnia

Russian web-design company offers outsourcing agreements

Russian developer of a software package for modeling kinematics is looking for foreign partners

Romanian IT company is looking for European and non-European partners under outsourcing agreements

ParkSharing solution for Business and Community developed by a Romanian company, offered under a license agreement

Next-generation software development services vendor from Ukraine seeks ICT partners to conclude commercial agency, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

Innovative platform that improves the manufacturing operational processes offered by an Industry 4.0 Romanian start-up, under licence or technology cooperation agreement

German start-up offering advanced Virtual Reality platform, allowing everyone to create, manage and distribute Virtual Reality projects on their own without expert skills, is looking for distributors under a license agreement

German Industrial IoT company offers LoRa™- based wireless sensor network (end-devices and gateway) for research projects and commercial agreements

Digital tour guide app and platform seeks agents to sign commercial agency agreement with tourist attractions, destinations and regions to digitize their content into safe engaging self-guided tours

An Italian company, expert in application services employing the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A team of inventors from an established Slovak scientific and research institute has developed large area radiation detector and is looking for licensees

A Polish innovative company with photonics technology is looking for R&D partners and distributors

Slovak IT company specialized in development of mobile and web applications is offering pay-per- view and livestream platform via outsourcing agreement

Therapeutic intervention web application program for the functional skills detection scale in children 0-6 years old

Romanian software developer offers transportation application for license or financial agreement.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions for cities, public transport authorities or integrators offered under licence or technological agreements.

Italian software and hardware house producing vending machines for the automatic distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is looking for distributors and commercial agents under commercial agency and distribution services agreements in Europe

German IT company offers a debt collection software within commercial agency agreements in the
Netherlands and Poland

French developer of SaaS module for fleet operation optimisation is seeking business cooperation under licence agreement with industry players in the field of mobility, transportation or logistics and with software editors

French company, creator of an audio sleep aid device is looking for distribution service agreements

A Serbian software company offers software development for digital transformation of the partner’s
processes under outsourcing and subcontracting.

Uruguayan IT company, with expertise in developing custom software solutions with agile methodologies and outsourcing development teams, is willing to conlude long-term outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Ukraine IT company, creator of the proprietary e- commerce platform is looking for partners to conclude commercial agency agreement.

The Ukrainian custom software development company is offering web and mobile app development in terms of subcontracting or outsourcing agreements

The Russian company specialized in neural networks seeks for international partners for technological cooperation

Spanish SME seeks company to acquire and exploit an online trip planner platform through a financial agreement or a joint venture

Spanish innovative SME from the machine vision field sector with imaging solutions for harsh conditions applications is looking for partners regarding special applications and developments

Spanish advanced optical design services company working with virtual and augmented reality, camera optics, high-end or automotive lighting, offers license, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Software and hardware solution and test services from a Chinese IT company open to partnership through commercial agency agreement

Serious games for the autonomous measurement of balance and its rehabilitation are offered for research or technical cooperation agreements.

Russian developer and provider of AI-powered messaging contact center seeks licensees

Romanian digital company seeks partners under outsourcing agreements

North-Eastern Romanian company provider of services in electrical installation seeks interested partners for an infusion of capital based on a financial, acquisition or joint venture agreement

New X-ray imaging technology to enhance image quality, lower X-ray dose and contrast material volume in angiography and fluoroscopy applications

Looking for distribution/commercial agency agreements of a Portuguese medical device: balance platform for podiatry, physical and vestibular rehabilitation activities

Italian data intelligence company is looking for partners abroad to implement its touristic destination forecasting system under subcontracting

Israeli software company with cutting-edge management platform for security systems offers license agreements

Israeli electronic and mechanical assembler for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) seeks strategic partner for turnkey solutions through financial agreement or manufacturing agreements

German SME offers SaaS (Software as a Service) for text analysis - partners from Austria and Switzerland are sought

German full-service e-learning provider seeks partners from companies, universities and public institutions for license agreements

Dutch manufacturer of voice communication systems for air traffic and maritime traffic controllers is looking for system integrators for a commercial agreement.

Danish manufacturer of anti-bacterial safety handrails and grips for the healthcare sector seeks distributors.

Danish IT vendor specialised in e-commerce designed for large and complex product assortments offers license agreements

Danish cyber-security start-up offers advanced anti-hacking trap under commercial agency agreement

Da Statale e Monzino la startup di terapie innovative per l’ischemia cardiaca

Czech company offers expert system for the interpretation of biomarkers, hormones, and other laboratory results in oncology, thyreology and reproduction endokrinology under license or commercial agency agreement

Croatian manufacturer of panels, cold rooms and refrigeration doors is looking for cold room installers to act under distribution agreement

COVID-19: Ukrainian company offering a device for air purification from pathogenic viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, in crowded places, is looking for international partners

Cost saving and highly flexible coating technology for new applications of micro- and nanolayers in industry and research

Compact and tunable liquid crystal lens to control the propagation of light and transmit signal/data

Canadian SME offers expertise in image/pattern recognition and data science to link scores from a large database of consumer evaluated product ideas/concepts (based on survey data)

Bulgarian producer of electronic and electro- mechanical products is looking for cooperation under manufacturing agreement for their innovative product for air disinfection

Brevetti 2020, nel mondo è boom di «sanitari» e «digital»

Belarusian university offers technical cooperation for research of parameters and fabrication of integrated digital magnetic threshold sensors

An ultra-low power hardware module that plugs any sensor or device coding-free into the internet ecosystems

An Italian tour-operator and travel agency is searching for international travel agents and tour operators for commercial agency agreements

An innovative Israeli technology company that makes interactive passenger information systems is looking for partners under distribution services agreement

An Albanian software development company seeks ICT partners abroad to offer IT outsourcing/near-shoring services, to get engaged in an outsourcing agreement

A UK company offers modern digital technologies aiding sales of property and real estate under outsourcing agreements

A Turkish software company is looking for joint venture and commercial agency agreements

A Turkish company that developed and sells an online safe and proctoring exam system is looking for commercial agency agreements

A Turkish company specialized in information technology service management and enterprise- level
application development looks for license agreements

A Slovak software and design house, specializing in the development of dedicated software solutions, offers its services through outsourcing or license agreement

A Singapore company specialising in automation engineering and information technology is looking for European partners through manufacturing agreement(s) to penetrate the European market.

A Romanian company specialised in engineering and consulting services for software solutions is offering to become a subcontractor for foreign partners

A portable device for accurate measurement of light reflections at an opaque surface offered for a licensing agreement

A Lithuanian company specialising in innovative building engineering system process management and automation solutions, is looking for the partners to work under subcontracting

A Korean company, specialized in manufacturing air filter media for dust collection using PTFE
(polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane, seeks global partners for manufacturing agreements

A Greek SME offers a forecasting system, providing sea characteristics and other support services, on high local resolution and looking for expanding it for commercial or joint venture or research agreements

A French SME specialized on disabled people's issues offers licence agreements for its digital tool giving accessibility information for disabled people about buildings and sites receiving public. Commercial/distribution partnerships could be of interest

A French SME specialised in millimetric wave radar signal analysis is looking for technical cooperation agreements in order to process signals via Artificial Intelligence

A Croatian software company offers its software solutions for industrial and municipal purposes based on artificial intelligence under a commercial agency agreement

A Catalan (Spanish) company specialised in plastic engineering offers product design and manufacturing service under an outsourcing agreement

Japanese manufacturer of protective industrial gloves seeks distribution agreement in the EU

Danish IT vendor specialised in e-commerce designed for large and complex product assortments offers license agreements

UK SME, offering artificial intelligence chatbot software for automation of customer & citizen services impacted by COVID, offers licensing/joint venture agreement to partners in Austria, Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland

Software solution for product batch management and optimisation offered by an information technology systems and infrastructure developer from Poland based on a licence agreement.

In che modo gli effetti del vaccino COVID-19 potrebbero aiutare a sconfiggere altre malattie

A Swedish engineering consultancy offering CAE (Computer-Aided-Design) calculations and simulation is looking for subcontracting or outsourcing partnerships.

Romanian photography artist seeks international business partners for concluding outsourcing agreements

Greek small enterprise with cutting-edge software for new and retrofit ship designs seeks partner for joint venture

COVID 19 – Czech manufacturer of dual thermal and face camera monitoring with AI used for thermal screening of diseases (coronavirus) is looking for partners based on distribution agreements

Bulgarian cybersecurity company specialized in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and provisioning of cybersecurity as a service seeks partners under commercial agency, outsourcing and subcontracting agreements

A German startup is looking for pilot testers for their automated office furniture for a personalized desk sharing experience under services agreement.

Spanish technological center looks for EU distributors of its innovative 3D scanner specially designed to produce orthopaedic insoles

A fast, effective & low-cost approach to Neuropathologies diagnosis using Electroencephalography – EEG - and Functional Connectivity analysis

Virtual Reality tutoring system for home dialysis patients (peritoneal dialysis)

Lithuanian IT company is offering qualified cloud solutions and infrastructure management services under subcontracting, joint venture and outsourcing agreements

Greek company with automation and optimization software for new and retrofit ship designs seeks partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance

German producer of cores and components for power electronic applications seeks sales partners in Europe

A French company specialised in underwater acoustics is looking for partners that need acoustics data analysis software

Slovenian manufacturer of biometric access control products is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement

An Indian tutoring brand is looking for distribution partners under commercial agency or distribution services agreement

Energia da rifiuti con celle a combustibile: ENEA nel progetto UE W2G

Danish company offers software solutions for hazardous inspections under commercial agency agreements

Croatian ICT company is looking for partnership under an outsourcing agreement, subcontracting or
joint venture agreement.

UK company seeks partners for specialist management information software, tracking employees who work on location, under commercial agency & license agreements

Turkish developer & manufacturer company in railway-track condition monitoring systems seeks distribution service and commercial agency agreements.

Spanish SME offers 3D digital content and 3D models for a subcontracting agreement.

Lithuanian SME offers automatization technology for electrical energy distribution grid

French mid-size connectors and antennas manufacturer is looking for business provider to address European medical devices / sensing systems manufacturers

Covid 19 - 24 hour operational information and sanitising hub that incorporates facial recognition and temperature measurement for care homes, hospitals or healthcare businesses

An Italian company offers their business simulation games for universities and educational institutions under license and commercial agency agreeements

Romanian company offers digital content and advertising for the creating of products' presentation

for marketing and e-commerce purpose through outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

Measurement of electrical conductivity of carbon nanowall surfaces

French company seeks license agreement for its innovative and agile business intelligence solution

Solid-state drive with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time protection against cyber-attacks

Maltese cloud solutions company offers its innovative services/solutions under an outsourcing agreement

A Turkish company specialized in healthcare information management system offers commercial
agreement with technical assistance.

Spanish start-up offers AI deep-tech engine for business internal processes

German OEM service provider for development, production and system integration is looking for

manufacturing agreements with companies active in medical, optical and analytical technologies

German educational video producer seeks companies and educational institutions for commercial
agency agreement 

A Lithuanian R&D company, specializing in the development of medical equipment, sensors, and

robotics solutions is offering cooperation under the technical cooperation agreement

Romanian digital services agency is looking for partners under outsourcing and subcontracting agreements

Model-predictive control for smart building energy management

Energy data analytics platform for centralised Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning plants

A Korean R&D institute is looking for global partners for low-power on-body human body communication technology under technology cooperation and research cooperation

UK distributor of probiotic cleaning and animal care products seeks trade intermediaries.

Spanish technology-based company with innovative medical and health devices to detect sleep disorders, improve sleep quality and enhance personal performance seeks agents and distributors

A Swedish SME is looking for European distributors or agents for their innovative neonatal nutrition decision support software

Transylvanian software development studio is looking for outsourcing agreements

Spanish SME specialized in web development wants to enter new markets through commercial agency agreement

Slovak software company is offering the smart and secure IoT platform and is looking for partners to cooperate via commercial agency agreement or outsourcing agreement

Sensore per il monitoraggio in...

Italian SME specialized in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and electronics’ services for product development is looking for partners under outsourcing agreement.

“Da TerraViva a Sociaaalp, per rivitalizzare terreni e comunità montane”

Belarusian University offers a technology for analyzing and predicting the level of electromagnetic
environmental pollution by 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile communication systems under a commercial agreement with technical assistance

An Italian producer of energy saving technologies is looking for distributors, commercial agents or
final user companies

An Italian company specialized in production and assembling of wiring harness, electrical panels and electromechanical assembly is looking for manufacturing agreements with original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1 and Tier 2

Albanian software development company seeks ICT partners to conclude subcontracting and outsourcing agreement.

A French company is proposing its secure online platform for collaborative diagnosis with many functionalities from tele-expertise to multidisciplinary meetings, under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Romanian company manufacturer of doors, windows, garage doors from PVC and aluminium joinery is looking for distributors and project partners to sign distribution service agreement

Lithuanian furniture manufacturer seeks commercial agency, manufacturing or subcontracting

An Italian company specialized in protective coatings is searching for distribution services agreements

Seeking investors or partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance for their high performance wax

Polish producer of vertical-axis wind turbines is offering commercial partnership with technical assistance

Heat, Power and e-Mobility is managed by one integrated energy management solution

French company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance for its innovative quick changer filter mechanized system.

Biometrics to tackle the world’s greatest impact challenges

Biotech, nuove competenze con la collaborazione scuola-impresa di CHÉMEDÌA

A Korean SME is seeking a commercial and technical partner for their customized network security equipment and servers

A Dutch innovative tech start-up, who developed a wireless charging tile and kickstand for e-bikes, is looking for partners to collaborate in the frame of a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a joint-venture agreement.

UK company seeking technical expertise for online virtual tourism and education platform through a joint venture agreement

Digital audit cadaster management tool sought by large German chemical company

A French company is looking for expertise in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) to manufacture a thin nanolayer containing different chemical compound via a manufacturing agreement.

A Korean telecommunication solution company specializing in optical transmission equipment is looking for a partner for technical cooperation and manufacturing agreements

Ricerca e Innovazione, ecco le iniziative e i risultati 2020 di Regione

A Greek startup offers an end-to-end, tracking and collaboration platform for the supply chain and looking for companies dealing with sea freight cargo as beta users

A Greek SME has developed a plug-in for the automated user support in web-based educational software and is looking for similar companies for joint venture or research cooperation agreements

A French SME specialised in computational biology and Artificial Intelligence is seeking partners in health and drug-related sectors that need this specific knowhow to initiate or develop the use of Artificial Intelligence in their activities

Belarusian university is seeking partners for research and technical cooperation in the development and approbation of electrostatic colloidal microthruster for CubeSat satellites

Migliorare la qualità dell'aria migliora la salute e la produttività delle persone

Italian research organisation with strong competencies in High Performance Computing is interested in entering consortia for the Green Deal Call

Come orientare gli investimenti in sanità in un’ottica di sviluppo sostenibile

A Greek start-up company is seeking for partners with 3D printing capacity to assemble a medical device

A Czech SME offers a balance chair for a License agreement

Russian company is looking for robotic medical rehabilitation equipment for commercialization in Russia

Platform to measure the health and biological activity (functionality) of soil

Onboard digital AI co-pilot system that provides vessel operators with intuitive decision support and trip predictions is seeking partners in Europe

A Spanish SME offers an energy flexibility implementation technology for saving energy to participate in a consortium for Green Deal call under Horizon 2020 Programme.

A Spanish SME is offering its expertise on autopilots and drone components for H2020 European Green Deal Call and other applications

A French SME is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement for a transfer of an innovative technology which detects insect (hidden and visible) in grain stored in bulk.

A Croatian company offers its expertise in project cycle management, communication and dissemination, and entrepreneurial education services to partners forming consortia for H2020 projects under a research cooperation agreement

Smart logistics tool sought by large German chemical company to optimise truck traffic on-site

Romanian medical software solution for improving every individual or couple private life

Innovative electrocardiogram device for smartphones and tablets

H2020: Turkish company specialized in holistic and technologic solutions to reduce food waste and carbon emission related to food waste is interested in taking part in the Green Deal Projects (LC-GD- 6-1-2020, LC-GD-9-2-2020, LC-GD-5-1-2020)

A Spanish SME is offering autopilots,control electronic and components for drones, under commercial agreements with technical assistance

A Spanish regional authority seeks partners to participate in collaborative projects in the areas of industry 4.0, cybersecurity, hydrogen, lean manufacturing, circular economy, electro-mobility deployment, smart transport solutions, resilience, IoT

Innovative device for air purification up for commercial or research cooperation agreement

French DeepTech company offering an AI solution to support cities' climate neutral action plan and assess environment pollution's impact on population is looking for research and cooperation agreement with entities applying to European Green Deal calls

Software tool for the detection of speech problems for children is looking for partners for commercial exploitation in local markets with necessary customization to local languages

State of the art software solution for physical modeling with no need of prototyping

Cyprus company offers complete enterprise solutions based on Explainable Artificial Intelligence

French company specialized in hail risk management is looking for local partner to commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Korean R&D institute focusing on ICT-Bio healthcare area is looking for global partners for its glaucoma diagnosis method using CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) in license agreement and others

High technological company based in south Italy is looking for licence and cooperation agreements

Compact acousto-optic modulator for applications as high precision measurements in laser spectroscopy, looking for licensees

A Romanian IT company, producer of software solutions for medical imaging and teleradiology, seeks specialized support for obtaining the CE- Marking, under services agreement.

Method for communication device tracking, search for a research partner

In Statale il primo Master italiano multidisciplinare in “Global Health”

German company developed an intelligent parking lot rental tool and is now looking for technnology
and commercial partners

COVID-19: Seeking validators of a healthcare software app for storing the COVID-19 test results in the mobile phone

Artificial intelligence-based hardware biometric authentication system

An innovative Turkish web and mobile apps developer company is looking for business partners under commercial agency agreement

Oncology patients’ health monitoring via an AI and big data solution

A Croatian IT company offers its total business management platform under a research cooperation, license and financial agreements

Romanian company seeks partner for developing a proof of concept and IT projects in the field of medical imaging under an outsourcing agreement

Turkish company offers virtual, augmented and mixed reality services through commercial agreement with technical assistance

Portuguese company looking for PC manufacturer which can supply low-cost mini PC’s and/or laptops with OEM branding. Manufacturing agreement is sought.

Turkish company offers virtual, augmented and mixed reality services through commercial agreement with technical assistance

Portuguese company looking for PC manufacturer which can supply low-cost mini PC’s and/or laptops with OEM branding. Manufacturing agreement is sought.

Perché i sistemi alimentari sostenibili sono diventati fondamentali in un mondo post Covid-19

Partners dealing with AI, Robotics, 5G, IoT, Big Data or Mobile Application are sought for a project under EIC-FTI-2018-2020 Call

Leading German online games' publisher seeks inventive developers of multiplayer games interested in commercialization of their products under licence agreement

A Berlin based non-profit foundation is looking for an application partner from the field of mobility, buildings or smart city for a third-party call (DigiFed)

Italian team developing a multi-lingual human resources management system and shift scheduling tool looks for technological partners interested in R&D collaboration and integration between complementary products

Italian Company interested in being partner of Green Deal Call 2020 - Call area 1, projects related to wildfires

Online platform for faster, broader, and more collaborative experimental psychology

An SME Instrument beneficiary from Germany developed a multi-use forecasting solution and looks for partners from industry for commercial, research or joint adventure agreement

A representative optical fiber producer in Korea is looking for medical equipment companies for licensing and technology cooperation of fractional flow reserve (FFR) system using optical sensor

Seeking technology and experts in epoxy solder paste development

S3CHEM, a ottobre appuntamento sulle ultime frontiere della chimica

La Commissione europea garantisce l'accesso dell'UE al Remdesivir per la cura della COVID-19

Covid-19, al San Gerardo di Monza sperimentazione di un vaccino made in Italy

Al via nel 2021 il primo Dottorato Nazionale in Intelligenza Artificiale

Partners for the testing of mobile robotic applications in industrial environments are sought

Customer Data Platform (CDP) focused in customer-mindset analytics and actionable AI (Artificial
Intelligence) based

A new artificial intelligence search engine for planning and booking the ideal holiday

Portuguese developer of location analytics (geospatial analytics) software – SaaS - is looking for location data providers and companies working with geospatial data for a technical cooperation agreement

Onu: legame diretto tra pandemie, inquinamento e perdita di biodiversità

German University for Applied Sciences with excellence in 'real-time decision making and optimization in enterprise systems' seeks industrial and research partners for joint applications in European funding programmes






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