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Aggiornamenti dalla Piattaforma Open Innovation  

Qualità dell’aria, Regione: “La nostra strategia con il progetto UE Prepair”

E-health, con INTEGRA il monitoraggio dell’anziano diventa condiviso

World Manufacturing Forum a settembre a Cernobbio, al via le iscrizioni

Viscardi, DIH Lombardia: “Economia circolare è riprogettare i prodotti”

La meccatronica al servizio della riabilitazione degli arti

Early warning system for effective and high quality agriculture

Robinson: “Il Foro regionale e l’impatto delle tecnologie innovative”

A specialized electronics, automation and robotics provider is offering its services and looks for
subcontracting and services agreements in areas like internet-of-things (IoT), industry 4.0 (I4.0),
health (medical devices) and wellbeing.

A French SME offers a software technology which strongly isolates safety and non-safety critical applications to be executed in a same hardware platform

Falling Walls Lab: i talenti del futuro in sfida per abbattere i muri del presente

Piero Bassetti agli Stati Generali: “Il ruolo di Regione Lombardia per l’innovazione italiana”

Campus Party, Milano capitale dell’innovazione tra giovani talenti e il padre del World Wide Web

Stati Generali, Michela Puddu: “Le mie etichette anti frode create con il DNA”

Premio di Regione alle scuole, avviso di selezione della Giuria: adesioni entro il 15 luglio

Stati Generali di Regione, Gaudina: “Ecco i nuovi fondi UE a sostegno dell’innovazione”

Stati Generali della Ricerca di Regione, Calderini: “Coinvolgiamo i cittadini nell’innovazione”

Alla comasca 3Bee prestigioso bando UE: con app e sensori salva alveari ed ecosistemi

Brussels based company offering hardware and software for charging stations for electrical vehicles seeks a commercial, joint venture or license agreement in Germany, Denmark and/or Italy

Meteorological radar products for agriculture

London-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS) manufacturer looking for agricultural
machinery manufacturers for precision agriculture

Il 28 giugno a Milano per scoprire le nuove call dell'European Innovation Council

A Korean company is looking for a manufacturer of smart device to collaborate in developing AI- based human (or system) behaviour/action anticipation system

Maintenance management software, integrated with warehouse management to minimize logistics costs
through predictive analysis

Smart monitoring solutions for health and agriculture offered to partners for technical, research
and services agreements.

A UK engineering company is looking for gas analysers under supplier or manufacturing agreement

FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020 French engineering centre looking for SME partner to set- up a millimeter wave based radar demonstrator to address detection purposes in the health sector

Bioinformatics based platform enabling precision medicine, nutrition and cosmetics through the discovery of biomarkers

Airborne robotic assistant sought via commercial, license or research cooperation agreement

[EUREKA/EUROSTARS2] Partners sought for plasma lighitng technology development

A Belgian company specialised in medical devices looks for partner to develop a personal defibrillator

Polish SME producing exclusive high-end loudspeakers is looking for manufacturing agreements and joint venture agreements to share/ outsource the productions of casings.

German Industrial IoT specialist offers LoRa™-based wireless sensor network (end-devices and gateway) for research projects and commercial products

Malaria, dal Politecnico il brevetto di un nuovo test di diagnosi rapido ed economico

Innovative and non-invasive system for detection of alcohol in the blood.

Smart floor heating system for offices

Production full management system and traceability for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Procedure and fuzzy control multi-agent electronic device for lateral cerebral ictus detection

Intelligent shading system protecting sensitive crops from meteorological fluctuations 

Israeli distributor of of electronic components for industrial systems in various sectors is looking for new suppliers under distribution agreement

Photodynamic biomimetic nanotechnology for echological environmental protection and improvement from non-ionising electromagnetic fields

Optimized circuit for high frequency energy harvesting

Increased capacity for optical transmission systems

German startup company offers its intelligent digital product selector that innovates B2B sales and distribution processes within commercial agreements with technical support

Platform simplifying robots missions planning in complex environments

Established Slovak research institute with novel ultra-lightweight superconductor wire seeks licensees or investors

CAP, capofila di uno degli Accordi con Regione, premiata per ricerca e innovazione

Biomarker for efficient prediction and monitoring of tumor necrosis factor alpha in inflammation inhibition therapies

Smart Mobility, una call per le startup innovative del settore

Remote monitoring systems of the physical and cognitive state for e-health application

Premio “Lombardia è ricerca” per le scuole, si aggiunge “RYoung”: in palio 75 mila euro

H2020 SU-DRS01-2019 Spanish university seeks a data science company and an entity working with refugees for Horizon 2020 proposal in the areas of Border and External Security (BES) of the WP Secure Societies

Greek start-up company offers a novel object-detection platform for industrial spaces and large warehouses

Dutch law enforcement organization is looking for innovative solutions to uncover the revenues and assets of illicit production and sale of synthetic drugs

Development of Magneto-Rheological Elastomer

Complete simulators of locomotives for train drivers training offered under commercial agreement with technical assistance

An established Slovak research institute has developed a novel probe for realization of local charge transient analysis and is looking for licensees or investors

A Spanish research centre offers services of microscopy, spectroscopy and macroscopic techniques, is looking for technical, research, and services agreements.

A German company has developed a front wind vector field measurement system to reduce dynamic loads and increase annual wind energy production in wind farms

75mila euro per gli studenti del territorio

Premio “Lombardia è ricerca”: “Così i Big Data possono aiutare l’invecchiamento attivo”

Lombardia leader nell’uso dei fondi UE: “Ecco progetti e prospettive post 2020”

La Statale di Milano: antinfiammatori per prevenire il cancro senza effetti collaterali

H2020-JTI-ECSEL-2019: Partners with expertise on hardware and mechanical design of robotic components are sought for a project on educational robotics

An established Slovak research institute has developed a novel probe for realization of local charge transient analysis and is looking for licensees or investors

A German company has developed a front wind vector field measurement system to reduce dynamic loads and increase annual wind energy production in wind farms

London-based robotic company is looking for partners who can benefit from their advanced robotic hand technology

Intelligent, structured, medical reporting with integrated AI-ready suite that generates machine-readable data for healthcare analytics

Spanish ICT company is looking for providers of an IoT (Internet Of Things) gateway with specific features under manufacture agreement

A Finnish university is looking for licensing partners for their multilayer coated paper substrate for printed electronics

Industrial IoT (internet of things) control and monitoring solution for solar and wind renewable energy plants

Cost-effective digital holography microscope measurement system to minimize performance losses in diffractive optical elements

Manufacturing of an implantable neurological electrode

Underwater communications technologies and systems expertise offered to companies

Tante nuove assunzioni grazie ai quattro progetti nati dall’Accordo tra Regione e CNR

Looking for a partner company in the video contribution and distribution infrastructure field for commercial agreement and R&D cooperation

French BigData specialist is looking for academic and IT specialized companies to become partners for their H2020 "Big Data solutions for Energy" call proposal.

A Korean company offers FPGA (field programmable gate array) based high-speed & high-performance signal processing technology

UK industrial IoT company is seeking a German manufacturer to produce their smart bolts under a manufacturing agreement.

L’incontro conclusivo di “Ecosistema Innovazione Lecco” tra nanotecnologie, biomimetica, robotica

Artificial Intelligence Engine Development Technology

VIDEO Michele De Luca, vincitore del Premio “Lombardia è ricerca”, racconta la sua scoperta

Open Innovation di Regione Lombardia premiata al ‘II International triple helix summit’ di Dubai

A Chinese company is looking for intelligent medical Internet open service platform.

Partners sought for further development of oriented thin films of magnetoelectric hexaferrites for memory devices, magnetic or electric field sensors applications

Software system for analysis and heuristic optimization for the design of wind farms

A Korean SME is looking for a partner company in the video contribution and distribution infrastructure field for commercial agreement and R&D cooperation

H2020 DT-SPIRE-06-2019: Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants: Partners from process industry sought for use cases.

Expertise in aluminium electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors

Towards the future of Brain Research: Besta Young Researchers’ International Conference

Ecco studenti e invenzioni vincitori del Premio “Lombardia è ricerca” di Regione per le scuole

Highly specialised medical system for examination of the neuro-regulating changes in human body on Earth and in space conditions

Giornata della Ricerca, Sala allo IEO: nel Premio intitolato a Umberto Veronesi l’impegno di Regione

Università, imprese e innovazione: i (grandi) numeri della Lombardia

Smau premia come best practice l’‘Ecosistema Innovazione Lecco’ finanziato da Regione con 1 milione

Spanish city council is looking for smart mobility solutions under research, technical or commercial agreement

Robotic ankle for research.

German startup offers an advanced electronic locker software and device for managing efficiently and secure the delivery and pickup of goods

Greek research institute is looking for commercial and industrial entities interested in sourcing blockchain R&D services

Slovak university is offering a new water power plant: a portable physical model of a pumped storage hydro-plant

Machine-learning technology for Google Ads campaigns automated optimization

Novel trainer device for prevention and treatment of spinal deformity.

New hi-tech device for breast cancer screening.

Alcohol testing service with biometric face recognition for manufacturing, transport, construction and other sectors

UK designer of a tablet device to aid the care of people with memory or technology comprehension issues seeks manufacturing agreement

Video Stati generali della ricerca e dell'Innovazione

 Earth observation system for farmers

A Korean software company expert in IoT (Internet of Things) device and back-end services offers geo-locating solution in an indoor environment under a commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement

Appalti pre-commerciali, la presentazione delle procedure di gara a imprese e mondo della ricerca

Licensee sought for a mobile-stabilized platform for medical care or security applications

UK-based university with an existing consortium seeks partners for Horizon 2020 proposal in the areas around smart and healthy living at home/personalised medicine

A Milano torna Campus Party, cinque giorni di full immersion nell’innovazione per giovani talenti

Attuazione della L.r. 29/2016 “Lombardia è ricerca e innovazione”

Con VIPCAT aromi naturali e farmaci sempre più ecologici

Cresce l’attenzione internazionale per il ‘Nobel lombardo’: 130 le candidature, anche dall’estero

Quality control device intended for contactless measurement of rims profile thickness offered for commercial or license agreement

Monitoring of the dynamic behavior of civil and building structures

Physiological parameter monitoring, analysis and prediction technology for life quality improvement.
Technology and equipment for production of soft magnetic materials based on iron powder

Looking for disposable electroencephalography (EEG) electrode pathc expertise

Off-grid solar charging system with stand-alone payment process

Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) H2020 projects is looking for Earth Observation (EO) technologies applicable to the Marine sector

Medical speech recognition system

Smart (heated) clothes for leisure-time, outdoor sports, professionals and health care

A Russian distributor is looking for supliers of security and safety systems under distribution services agreement.

Horizon 2020: i dati di sintesi del 2017 nell'ambito dello Strumento per le PMI

Innovation call for startups in well-being at work and facility management in particular automated parking

New software tools and products sought for database developers and administrators

La ricerca sociale svela: stesse tecnologie, reazioni diverse da Paese a Paese

EUREKA - Korean partner sought to develop an eco-planner for energy-production efficency in manufacturing industry 4.0

Con iPSLight i farmaci contro il Parkinson sono ad alto contenuto tecnologico






















































































































































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