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Aggiornamenti dalla Piattaforma Open Innovation  

Piattaforma intelligente per prevedere la domanda relativa al Covid-19 sul sistema sanitario

Da una startup la lampada alimentata grazie a terra e batteri

Climate change, Spazio e ricerca medica: le sfide scientifiche 2021

Biotech, nuove competenze con la collaborazione scuola-impresa di CHÉMEDÌA

A Korean SME is seeking a commercial and technical partner for their customized network security equipment and servers

A Dutch innovative tech start-up, who developed a wireless charging tile and kickstand for e-bikes, is looking for partners to collaborate in the frame of a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a joint-venture agreement.

UK company seeking technical expertise for online virtual tourism and education platform through a joint venture agreement

Digital audit cadaster management tool sought by large German chemical company

Circular Economy, il 20/1 scopri 3 progetti nel webinar Bioeconomy Dialogues

CHÉMEDÌA: un progetto per concretizzare il sistema duale

A French company is looking for expertise in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) to manufacture a thin nanolayer containing different chemical compound via a manufacturing agreement.

Quando c’è la salute…

Studio Statale scopre il Sars-CoV-2 in un caso di dermatite del novembre 2019

Il cambiamento climatico e il suo impatto sulla sicurezza alimentare e nutrizionale

A Korean telecommunication solution company specializing in optical transmission equipment is looking for a partner for technical cooperation and manufacturing agreements

Ricerca e Innovazione, ecco le iniziative e i risultati 2020 di Regione

Inquinamento: gli Italiani pagano il prezzo più alto in Europa, Milano e Brescia tra le prime dieci

ERC Consolidator Grants 2020: ricercatori italiani eccellenza europea

È il vaccino anti-Covid il risultato scientifico 2020 secondo Science

COVID-19 e capacità del settore pubblico

Con LombHe@t il riscaldamento è green: recupero, più efficienza e meno CO2”

Alberto Sinigallia, presidente Fondazione Progetto Arca Onlus

A Greek startup offers an end-to-end, tracking and collaboration platform for the supply chain and looking for companies dealing with sea freight cargo as beta users

A Greek SME has developed a plug-in for the automated user support in web-based educational software and is looking for similar companies for joint venture or research cooperation agreements

A French SME specialised in computational biology and Artificial Intelligence is seeking partners in health and drug-related sectors that need this specific knowhow to initiate or develop the use of Artificial Intelligence in their activities

L’innovazione avanza con 26 startup italiane. Ma incontra ostacoli

Belarusian university is seeking partners for research and technical cooperation in the development and approbation of electrostatic colloidal microthruster for CubeSat satellites

Vaccino Pfizer, l’Europa dà parere positivo. In Italia campagna dal 27/12

Primo bando “Early Career Award”, fino a 600 mila euro a 16 ricercatori

Migliorare la qualità dell'aria migliora la salute e la produttività delle persone

Italian research organisation with strong competencies in High Performance Computing is interested in entering consortia for the Green Deal Call

Come orientare gli investimenti in sanità in un’ottica di sviluppo sostenibile

A Greek start-up company is seeking for partners with 3D printing capacity to assemble a medical device

A Czech SME offers a balance chair for a License agreement

A German software engineering and user interface design company is interested in taking part in the H2020 Green Deal topic on developing and demonstrating a 100 MW electrolyser.

Russian company is looking for robotic medical rehabilitation equipment for commercialization in Russia

Platform to measure the health and biological activity (functionality) of soil

Onboard digital AI co-pilot system that provides vessel operators with intuitive decision support and trip predictions is seeking partners in Europe

A Spanish SME offers an energy flexibility implementation technology for saving energy to participate in a consortium for Green Deal call under Horizon 2020 Programme.

A Spanish SME is offering its expertise on autopilots and drone components for H2020 European Green Deal Call and other applications

A French SME is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a license agreement for a transfer of an innovative technology which detects insect (hidden and visible) in grain stored in bulk.

A Croatian company offers its expertise in project cycle management, communication and dissemination, and entrepreneurial education services to partners forming consortia for H2020 projects under a research cooperation agreement

Smart logistics tool sought by large German chemical company to optimise truck traffic on-site

Romanian medical software solution for improving every individual or couple private life

Innovative electrocardiogram device for smartphones and tablets

H2020: Turkish company specialized in holistic and technologic solutions to reduce food waste and carbon emission related to food waste is interested in taking part in the Green Deal Projects (LC-GD- 6-1-2020, LC-GD-9-2-2020, LC-GD-5-1-2020)

A Spanish SME is offering autopilots,control electronic and components for drones, under commercial agreements with technical assistance

A Spanish regional authority seeks partners to participate in collaborative projects in the areas of industry 4.0, cybersecurity, hydrogen, lean manufacturing, circular economy, electro-mobility deployment, smart transport solutions, resilience, IoT

Innovative device for air purification up for commercial or research cooperation agreement

French DeepTech company offering an AI solution to support cities' climate neutral action plan and assess environment pollution's impact on population is looking for research and cooperation agreement with entities applying to European Green Deal calls

Software tool for the detection of speech problems for children is looking for partners for commercial exploitation in local markets with necessary customization to local languages

State of the art software solution for physical modeling with no need of prototyping

Cyprus company offers complete enterprise solutions based on Explainable Artificial Intelligence

French company specialized in hail risk management is looking for local partner to commercial agreement with technical assistance.

French company offers its expertise in the fields of Big Data, Cloud and IT Security

A Korean R&D institute focusing on ICT-Bio healthcare area is looking for global partners for its glaucoma diagnosis method using CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) in license agreement and others

Giornata della Ricerca in Lombardia: guarda il video dalla Scala

High technological company based in south Italy is looking for licence and cooperation agreements

Compact acousto-optic modulator for applications as high precision measurements in laser spectroscopy, looking for licensees

A Romanian IT company, producer of software solutions for medical imaging and teleradiology, seeks specialized support for obtaining the CE- Marking, under services agreement.

A Polish company developing industrial grade software for distributed robotic observatories is looking for service agreements and R&D cooperation in the renewable energy market

Method for communication device tracking, search for a research partner

In Statale il primo Master italiano multidisciplinare in “Global Health”

German company developed an intelligent parking lot rental tool and is now looking for technnology
and commercial partners

COVID-19: Seeking validators of a healthcare software app for storing the COVID-19 test results in the mobile phone

Artificial intelligence-based hardware biometric authentication system

An innovative Turkish web and mobile apps developer company is looking for business partners under commercial agency agreement

Oncology patients’ health monitoring via an AI and big data solution

A Croatian IT company offers its total business management platform under a research cooperation, license and financial agreements

Romanian company seeks partner for developing a proof of concept and IT projects in the field of medical imaging under an outsourcing agreement

Liposomal formulations for increased bioavailability of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, bioceuticals as dietary supplements - development of customized formulations and white label manufacturing

Premio “Lombardia è Ricerca”, riaperte le candidature sul tema Sostenibilità

Turkish company offers virtual, augmented and mixed reality services through commercial agreement with technical assistance

Portuguese company looking for PC manufacturer which can supply low-cost mini PC’s and/or laptops with OEM branding. Manufacturing agreement is sought.

Turkish company offers virtual, augmented and mixed reality services through commercial agreement with technical assistance

Portuguese company looking for PC manufacturer which can supply low-cost mini PC’s and/or laptops with OEM branding. Manufacturing agreement is sought.

Perché i sistemi alimentari sostenibili sono diventati fondamentali in un mondo post Covid-19

Partners dealing with AI, Robotics, 5G, IoT, Big Data or Mobile Application are sought for a project under EIC-FTI-2018-2020 Call

Leading German online games' publisher seeks inventive developers of multiplayer games interested in commercialization of their products under licence agreement

A Berlin based non-profit foundation is looking for an application partner from the field of mobility, buildings or smart city for a third-party call (DigiFed)

Italian team developing a multi-lingual human resources management system and shift scheduling tool looks for technological partners interested in R&D collaboration and integration between complementary products

Italian Company interested in being partner of Green Deal Call 2020 - Call area 1, projects related to wildfires

IraSME: A Turkish company experienced in vibration-based structural health monitoring is looking for partners for the IraSME project to be submitted.

Online platform for faster, broader, and more collaborative experimental psychology

An SME Instrument beneficiary from Germany developed a multi-use forecasting solution and looks for partners from industry for commercial, research or joint adventure agreement

A representative optical fiber producer in Korea is looking for medical equipment companies for licensing and technology cooperation of fractional flow reserve (FFR) system using optical sensor

Spanish company with a disinfection technology for food and baby products is looking for partners for its industrialization and commercialization.

Detecting current state of the congestive heart failure from heart sounds

AI technologies for industrial applications in manufacturing and product development

Support in set-up of a biobank and/or licence opportunity for pharma industry/private labs

Slovak company is offering technology for security of voice communication via commercial agreement
with technical assistance or via joint venture agreement

Seeking test partners for intelligent wireless sensor solutions

Seeking technology and experts in epoxy solder paste development

S3CHEM, a ottobre appuntamento sulle ultime frontiere della chimica

Romanian company is looking for providers of telematics and IoT devices, under supplier agreement

Partner sought to jointly develop and commercialize novel active filter materials for health protection and fighting future pandemics

Lithuanian governmental organization working in environmental protection is looking for a solution
to match green products with green consumers

Learning and support system for mobile robots to detect virtual boundaries

La Commissione europea garantisce l'accesso dell'UE al Remdesivir per la cura della COVID-19

Expertise and know-how in the field of digitalization are offered to organizations developing projects with IT components

Expertise and know-how in the field of digital transformation are offered to businesses facing the challenges of COVID-19

Dutch-based internationally operating logistic company is looking for a solution to provide insight in and compensation options for carbon dioxide (CO2) emission caused during transports organized by the companies’ logistic control tower.

Covid-19, al San Gerardo di Monza sperimentazione di un vaccino made in Italy

COVID-19: Looking for healthcare providers and clinical experts interested in testing and validating innovative remote monitoring and telerehabilitation systems

Artificial intelligence technology software solutions for cellular pathology, haematological malignancy and cancer information reporting is offered to public and private healthcare organizations.

Al via nel 2021 il primo Dottorato Nazionale in Intelligenza Artificiale

A German SME offers software services in tool development as well as application optimization under
software service agreements.

Partners for the testing of mobile robotic applications in industrial environments are sought

Customer Data Platform (CDP) focused in customer-mindset analytics and actionable AI (Artificial
Intelligence) based

Decentralised IoT system for urban farming

The research group from Polish university is looking for SMEs interested in cooperation under advanced spreadsheet programming project

A new artificial intelligence search engine for planning and booking the ideal holiday

Romanian web development is looking for partners under outsourcing agreements

Portuguese SME offers and develops innovative technologies for medical devices. Commercial agency
agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement are sought.

New biomarker-based method for establishing an individual physical activity programme reducing the
individual risk to develop a cardiovascular disease

Emotion artificial intelligence for telehealth and behavioural analytics

R&D partners sought for an electromechanical transducer based on sliding nano-actuator with applications in medicine, robotics and engineering

Portuguese SME offers its technology of pressure monitoring through pressure sensors. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is offered.

Portuguese developer of location analytics (geospatial analytics) software – SaaS - is looking for location data providers and companies working with geospatial data for a technical cooperation agreement

A German utility company is looking for an IT or ICT company or start-up for the collection and transmission of customer data

A Dutch manufacturer of precision parts for the semiconductor industry is looking for planarization, chemical mechanical polishing or lapping partner

German yard management specialist looking for European partners to install and service their smart yard logistics technology under subcontracting agreements.

Cyberphysical system (hardware and software) for water efficiency in different customers and

Tools for the statistical analysis of PET studies in refractory epilepsy

Social robot with human interaction capacity to increase the visibility of companies during events (fair, congress, workshop ...)

Dutch SME is looking for partners with knowledge of portable Radio Frequency electronics to improve their device to assess the shelf life quality and contaminants in fruits and vegetables

Power over fiber technology for energy transmission in extreme environments for its application in wind farms or power plants

Patient reported outcome app for cognitive function self-assessment

A German IT-company specialized on data management for master data and operational transaction data
is looking for commercial partners

Onu: legame diretto tra pandemie, inquinamento e perdita di biodiversità

A French SME specializing in smart semantic and linguistic analysis is looking for value-added resellers, systems integrators, providers

Spanish process automation SME seeks healthcare services providers to make its accurate biometric identification system fully operational

Spanish AI, IOT specialized SME, focused in digitalisation technology for industrial asset tracking solutions, looks for partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance

Slovak university has developed a multi-directional stereo camera system and is looking for licencees

Slovak neuromarketing consultancy SME is looking for partners with the aim to expand on foreign markets

Seeking co-development partners for a gaming service platform targeted at brand marketers

Data analytics solution for the energy and industrial sector

Croatian IT company is offering artificial intelligence (AI) retail solution for innovative customer experience in shopping malls

A Spanish company that has developed a real-time fire forest detection satellite system, offers it under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A medical device multinational with locations in the Netherlands and various other European countries is searching for a touchless in-hospital inventory management system.

Method for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of Alzheimer disease using metabolomic techniques

COVID-19: Seeking test partners for inclusive and objective digital interview platform that mitigates COVID-19 challenges in candidate selection

COVID-19: Pre-assessment app for outpatients to provide virtual triage for hospitals to reduce backlog following the pandemic

COVID-19: Virtual clinic for 1-2-1 doctor patient consultancy in highly-secure including 2-way file

A French start-up is looking for partners for research and/or technical cooperation in order to develop smart grid simulation tools

Smart and safe innovative system for venues and buildings access management according to COVID-19

Fingerprint of agro-food products for quality control

Spanish photonics company is looking for Lidar and 3D optical partners to run tests under technical
cooperation agreement.

A Polish LED company is looking for manufacturing agreement with led profiles

Technology solutions allowing the maintenance of Safe Operating Procedures, including social distancing on

COVID-19: Personal protective equipment reusable half-mask with an P3 exchangeable external filter made by mould-injection offered for a licence or commercial agreement with technical assistance

UK Midlands SME is seeking technology and research partners to develop an innovation that supports
copyright protection and fair remuneration for creatives.

Method for assessing the fertilising potential of sperm by computer-aided sperm analysis

Hospitals and clinicians are sought to validate a decision tool assistance

New refrigeration devices for electronics based on plasma

A Romanian start-up offers an innovative platform that unites all healthcare providers and connects
them with patients

An Italian IT start-up, developer focused on virtual and augmented reality experiences for the healthcare sector, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and research cooperation agreements.

COVID-19: Wearable front-line medical operators communication system

An Italian company, expert in application services employing the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Traceability software targeting micro and small companies in the agri-food sector

Artificial intelligence and advanced encryption technology aimed at enhancing data privacy is offered to be integrated with media agencies, demand-side platforms, data management platforms and digital publishers.

A Korean company in the information security/authentication industry is seeking for an European business partner for its biometric signature authentication and other products in license agreement and others

Nanotechnology to optimise batteries charging and discharging time

UK Software company is looking for a C++ programmer under a services agreement

An independent researcher, resident in Portugal developed a Cartesian 3D Printer that uses disposable recyclable household plastics directly as raw material for printing. Research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement are sought.

A Korean company is looking for partners to transfer its magnetic flux-controlling technology under License agreement   

German University for Applied Sciences with excellence in 'real-time decision making and optimization in enterprise systems' seeks industrial and research partners for joint applications in European funding programmes

Swiss SME offering soft artificial muscle transducer for robotics, automation, wellbeing and
prothesis seeks commercial agreement

A German distributor for electronics manufacturing equipment seeks additional uppliers under
distribution service agreements

A Lithuanian SME offers gamified virtual psychological assessment (personal strengths, multiple
intelligence, preferences) tools (apps)

Greek SME is looking for a partner for further developing and exploiting the potential of its
integrated location-based mobile application for tourism

SME working on innovative solutions of energy management systems is looking for research cooperation agreements with energy operators, local end-users and research labs under european projects funding

Entrepreneur based in Portugal intends to develop a grocer e-commerce platform for all local stores
and vendors. Outsourcing agreement is sought.

UK events technology SME is looking for a NFC cards manufacturer under a manufacturing agreement

Smart LED lighting accelerating the vegetal growth

A cloud-based energy management system for large-scale electricity consumers

Turkish software company, specialized in the health sector, offers its hospital information system
software under commercial agency agreement



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