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Aggiornamenti dalla Piattaforma Open Innovation  

L’arte funzionale della Data Visualization: esempi e riflessioni al tempo del Coronavirus

Terapia Digitale per trattare i Disturbi dell'Adattamento in corso di pandemia COVID-19

Smart working, la nostra ricerca e cosa cambia durante l’emergenza Covid-19

Seeking partners with human factors expertise to join bid for Horizon 2020 SU-BES02 Border & External Security for 'walk through' airport process

Ricerca, Regione sollecita innovazioni di supporto agli interventi chirurgici

Regione, 7,5 milioni per progetti sul Coronavirus con le Fondazioni Veronesi e Cariplo

Regione ai cittadini: un’app per monitorare la diffusione del Covid-19

Progetto Agri Hub, così innoveremo la filiera agroalimentare

La ricerca europea a supporto dell’emergenza COVID-19

Kit di trasformazione per sistemi di ventilazione assistita manuali - open source (COVID-19) 

Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) : development tool for non-programmers to facilitate implementation
of data acquisition, processing and analysis pipelines

“Emergenza Covid-19”: scopri la nuova sezione di Open Innovation

COVID-19: Wearable front-line medical operators communication system

COVID-19: Bando straordinario per progetti della "Central European Initiative"

An Italian company, expert in application services employing the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Agricoltura, con AgriGeoH2O analisi innovative dei terreni e irrigazione hi-tech

A Korean Company is looking for nanofiltration (NF) technology on Developer Recycling System (DRS) that removes photoresist (PR) from used developing liquid.

Fondazione Veronesi, il 26/3 cerimonia virtuale di premiazione dei ricercatori 2020

UK SME offers a novel interactive augmented reality technology and holographic booth for license agreements

Traceability software targeting micro and small companies in the agri-food sector

Emergenza COVID-19: liberamente scaricabili le norme UNI

COVID-19, da Regione Avviso pubblico per valorizzare i dati sulla mobilità

Artificial intelligence and advanced encryption technology aimed at enhancing data privacy is offered to be integrated with media agencies, demand-side platforms, data management platforms and digital publishers.

Anomaly detection in cyber network data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) models

A Korean company in the information security/authentication industry is seeking for an European business partner for its biometric signature authentication and other products in license agreement and others

Torna il “Premio Lombardia è Ricerca” per le innovazioni delle scuole

Il tuo aiuto è prezioso”, la raccolta fondi di Regione per le strutture sanitarie 

French company editing a debt collection software is looking hosting companies under services agreements in EU and USA 

Covid-19, fornitura gratuita del farmaco anti artrite ora usato contro il virus


Nanotechnology to optimise batteries charging and discharging time

UK Software company is looking for a C++ programmer under a services agreement

Dalla Cina ventilatori, elettrocardiografi, mascherine per affrontare il Coronavirus

Sirti: “Così con Open Challenge e Imprenditivity puntiamo su startup e PMI”

An independent researcher, resident in Portugal developed a Cartesian 3D Printer that uses disposable recyclable household plastics directly as raw material for printing. Research cooperation agreement or technical cooperation agreement are sought.

A Korean company is looking for partners to transfer its magnetic flux-controlling technology under License agreement   

Covid-19, dalla UE altri 37,5 milioni per la ricerca: 3 milioni a Exscalate

Austrian industrial company is looking for start- ups with solution for big data analytics of industrial assets 

Atenei, 8 Dipartimenti italiani tra i primi dieci al mondo

German University for Applied Sciences with excellence in 'real-time decision making and optimization in enterprise systems' seeks industrial and research partners for joint applications in European funding programmes

Swiss SME offering soft artificial muscle transducer for robotics, automation, wellbeing and
prothesis seeks commercial agreement

A German distributor for electronics manufacturing equipment seeks additional uppliers under
distribution service agreements

A Lithuanian SME offers gamified virtual psychological assessment (personal strengths, multiple
intelligence, preferences) tools (apps)

A French company is looking for partners to install and/or maintain displaying multimedia equipment
under services agreement

Greek SME is looking for a partner for further developing and exploiting the potential of its
integrated location-based mobile application for tourism

SME working on innovative solutions of energy management systems is looking for research cooperation agreements with energy operators, local end-users and research labs under european projects funding

Entrepreneur based in Portugal intends to develop a grocer e-commerce platform for all local stores
and vendors. Outsourcing agreement is sought.

A French SME developing silicon photonic circuits with integrated lasers at wafer-level is looking for partners in high-speed optical communication and Lidar applications to reach technical or research cooperation agreements

Romanian company that delivers high- performance IT&C platforms for capital market, intends to
expand and develop technological platforms for analyzing capital markets in other countries based
on collaboration agreements

A healthtech software development company offering an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered service
that recommends suitable medications based on patient’s medical conditions

Novel patient sensing, automated treadmill device to retrain stroke patients for proper walking

PFAS, dal Mario Negri 20 sostanze alternative per ridurre l’impatto su salute e ambiente

Allevamento, con sensori e automazione più qualità del latte e bovini in salute

Computer vision solutions for application in pig farms

A Bulgarian company developing automation and real-time systems is seeking cooperation partners for
commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation agreement.

An Italian company specialized in developing sensors for precision monitoring in agriculture sector seeks commercial and technical cooperation agreements

Lithuanian scientific research institute offers all- silica optical coatings for laser systems and
optical components manufacturers

H2020-ICT-38-2020 Partners are sought for developing an artificial intelligent (AI) based
human-machine learning ecosystem framework.

Advanced biological technologies for the purification of indoor air in order to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings

Specialised system for examination of the neuro-regulating changes in the human body on Earth and
in space conditions

Italian company specialized in precision technologies, robotics and mechatronics, seeks commercial
agreements with technical assistance

German manufacturer of ice cream is looking for software developer for an online shop under a
supplier agreement

A Turkish automatic control and scada systems manufacturer is looking for a joint venture
aggreement for image processing

Innovative industry-validated coating technology for deposition of multi-layer multi-material nano- scaled coatings

Development of Nanofluids for improved heat transfer technology

A UK based company looking for partners to assist in the development of several projects in the
Fintech, marketing and defense sectors via a joint venture agreement or License agreement

UK events technology SME is looking for a NFC cards manufacturer under a manufacturing agreement

Smart LED lighting accelerating the vegetal growth

Innovative IoT technology (hardware and software) for remote patient monitoring and public safety.

A cloud-based energy management system for large-scale electricity consumers

Chinese company engaged in smart transportation industry looks for technology partner in Finland

Caltagirone: “Riabilitazione e prevenzione, così combattiamo ictus e Alzheimer”

Technology injecting trusted metadata into files using blockchain

Premio Lombardia è ricerca l’8 novembre alla Scala, ecco le scuole vincitrici

Cost effective equipment for lifting and transport of low weight modules (<250 kg) in offshore
wind farms

UK SME offering ‘vision control sensor’ solution for robotics seeks commercial agreement with
technical assistance and joint venture partners.

PDF/graphic file analysis tool sought for conversion to machine-readable format

European Innovation Council-Horizon 2020: al via gli investimenti in equity

A Chinese company is seeking European partners to work together for electronic shelf label (ESL)
technology development under a technical cooperation agreement

Ukrainian software solutions engineering company offers outsourcing agreements

Turkish software company, specialized in the health sector, offers its hospital information system
software under commercial agency agreement

Swedish company with an innovative, cloud- based, software-as-a-service solution for Human Resource
Management offers license agreements

Software to analyse handwritten text

Smart system for analysis and optimisation of mobility networks

Slovenian producer of pneumatic, electro magnets and magnetic systems seeks partners through
distribution, commercial or outsourcing agreements 

Romanian advertising agency is looking for international partners under outsourcing agreements

Remote electrocardiograph monitoring technology

JPI Conservation, Protection and Use -An Andalusian research group is looking for partners for
different profiles under a research cooperation agreement to join a project to protect
archaeological sites

Innovative technologies for medical devices

Innovative Bulgarian web development, branding and digital marketing company offers its services
under subcontracting agreements

Industrial partner with exoskeleton preventing back pain for caregivers is sought

French SME owner of a collaborative platform, simplifying maritime container freight transport
operations and processes for exporters & importers, looks for license agreements

Activity monitoring algorithm using a smartphone and/or wristband is offered as a service or as a
licence agreement

A Software Development Kit for personalized mood recognition through video analysis of facial

A Macedonian company offers game development services to clients through outsourcing agreements

A French company which has developed a simulation software for indoor air quality, is looking for
industrial and academic partners in order to bring its expertise within a consortium to respond to
European calls (e.g. Horizon2020 call “SC1-BHC-29-2020")

British company that develops games-based learning resources seeks development partners with which to produce new resources and products. 

Al via il Protocollo per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile di Regione: 54 le adesioni

Realtime IoT (Internet of Things) based sensing solutions for automated critical data collection
and management in air and water monitoring networks 

Optimizing thermal plants with level 2 automation solutions

Interactive e-Platform supporting compliance and governance management of private/public companies

An Italian start-up is offering a digital platform for supporting technology transfer

Platform enabling near-time analysis diagnostic electrocardiogram (ECG) services

Leading German online games´ publisher seeks inventive developers of multiplayer games interested in commercialization of their products under distribution agreement

Early warning system for effective and high quality agriculture

A French SME offers a software technology which strongly isolates safety and non-safety critical applications to be executed in a same hardware platform

Premio di Regione alle scuole, avviso di selezione della Giuria: adesioni entro il 15 luglio

Brussels based company offering hardware and software for charging stations for electrical vehicles seeks a commercial, joint venture or license agreement in Germany, Denmark and/or Italy

Meteorological radar products for agriculture

London-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS) manufacturer looking for agricultural
machinery manufacturers for precision agriculture

Il 28 giugno a Milano per scoprire le nuove call dell'European Innovation Council

A Korean company is looking for a manufacturer of smart device to collaborate in developing AI- based human (or system) behaviour/action anticipation system

Maintenance management software, integrated with warehouse management to minimize logistics costs
through predictive analysis

Smart monitoring solutions for health and agriculture offered to partners for technical, research
and services agreements.

A UK engineering company is looking for gas analysers under supplier or manufacturing agreement

Bioinformatics based platform enabling precision medicine, nutrition and cosmetics through the discovery of biomarkers

Airborne robotic assistant sought via commercial, license or research cooperation agreement

[EUREKA/EUROSTARS2] Partners sought for plasma lighitng technology development

A Belgian company specialised in medical devices looks for partner to develop a personal defibrillator

Polish SME producing exclusive high-end loudspeakers is looking for manufacturing agreements and joint venture agreements to share/ outsource the productions of casings.

German Industrial IoT specialist offers LoRa™-based wireless sensor network (end-devices and gateway) for research projects and commercial products

Malaria, dal Politecnico il brevetto di un nuovo test di diagnosi rapido ed economico

Innovative and non-invasive system for detection of alcohol in the blood.

Intelligent shading system protecting sensitive crops from meteorological fluctuations 

Israeli distributor of of electronic components for industrial systems in various sectors is looking for new suppliers under distribution agreement

Photodynamic biomimetic nanotechnology for echological environmental protection and improvement from non-ionising electromagnetic fields

Optimized circuit for high frequency energy harvesting

Increased capacity for optical transmission systems

Platform simplifying robots missions planning in complex environments

Established Slovak research institute with novel ultra-lightweight superconductor wire seeks licensees or investors

CAP, capofila di uno degli Accordi con Regione, premiata per ricerca e innovazione

Biomarker for efficient prediction and monitoring of tumor necrosis factor alpha in inflammation inhibition therapies

Smart Mobility, una call per le startup innovative del settore

Greek start-up company offers a novel object-detection platform for industrial spaces and large warehouses

Dutch law enforcement organization is looking for innovative solutions to uncover the revenues and assets of illicit production and sale of synthetic drugs

An established Slovak research institute has developed a novel probe for realization of local charge transient analysis and is looking for licensees or investors

A German company has developed a front wind vector field measurement system to reduce dynamic loads and increase annual wind energy production in wind farms

Lombardia leader nell’uso dei fondi UE: “Ecco progetti e prospettive post 2020”

La Statale di Milano: antinfiammatori per prevenire il cancro senza effetti collaterali

H2020-JTI-ECSEL-2019: Partners with expertise on hardware and mechanical design of robotic components are sought for a project on educational robotics

An established Slovak research institute has developed a novel probe for realization of local charge transient analysis and is looking for licensees or investors

A German company has developed a front wind vector field measurement system to reduce dynamic loads and increase annual wind energy production in wind farms

A Korean company offers FPGA (field programmable gate array) based high-speed & high-performance signal processing technology

L’incontro conclusivo di “Ecosistema Innovazione Lecco” tra nanotecnologie, biomimetica, robotica

VIDEO Michele De Luca, vincitore del Premio “Lombardia è ricerca”, racconta la sua scoperta

Open Innovation di Regione Lombardia premiata al ‘II International triple helix summit’ di Dubai

H2020 DT-SPIRE-06-2019: Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants: Partners from process industry sought for use cases.

Expertise in aluminium electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors

Towards the future of Brain Research: Besta Young Researchers’ International Conference

Ecco studenti e invenzioni vincitori del Premio “Lombardia è ricerca” di Regione per le scuole

Università, imprese e innovazione: i (grandi) numeri della Lombardia

Smau premia come best practice l’‘Ecosistema Innovazione Lecco’ finanziato da Regione con 1 milione

German startup offers an advanced electronic locker software and device for managing efficiently and secure the delivery and pickup of goods

Video Stati generali della ricerca e dell'Innovazione

Earth observation system for farmers

A Korean software company expert in IoT (Internet of Things) device and back-end services offers geo-locating solution in an indoor environment under a commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement

Appalti pre-commerciali, la presentazione delle procedure di gara a imprese e mondo della ricerca

Licensee sought for a mobile-stabilized platform for medical care or security applications

UK-based university with an existing consortium seeks partners for Horizon 2020 proposal in the areas around smart and healthy living at home/personalised medicine

A Milano torna Campus Party, cinque giorni di full immersion nell’innovazione per giovani talenti

Attuazione della L.r. 29/2016 “Lombardia è ricerca e innovazione”

Con VIPCAT aromi naturali e farmaci sempre più ecologici

Cresce l’attenzione internazionale per il ‘Nobel lombardo’: 130 le candidature, anche dall’estero

Quality control device intended for contactless measurement of rims profile thickness offered for commercial or license agreement

Monitoring of the dynamic behavior of civil and building structures

Physiological parameter monitoring, analysis and prediction technology for life quality improvement.
Technology and equipment for production of soft magnetic materials based on iron powder

Looking for disposable electroencephalography (EEG) electrode pathc expertise

Off-grid solar charging system with stand-alone payment process

Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) H2020 projects is looking for Earth Observation (EO) technologies applicable to the Marine sector

Medical speech recognition system

Horizon 2020: i dati di sintesi del 2017 nell'ambito dello Strumento per le PMI

Innovation call for startups in well-being at work and facility management in particular automated parking

New software tools and products sought for database developers and administrators

La ricerca sociale svela: stesse tecnologie, reazioni diverse da Paese a Paese

EUREKA - Korean partner sought to develop an eco-planner for energy-production efficency in manufacturing industry 4.0

Con iPSLight i farmaci contro il Parkinson sono ad alto contenuto tecnologico






















































































































































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