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D-MEM Seminar

Dottorato di Medicina Sperimentale






We are pleased to inform you that the next seminar of the Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine entitled:

“Analysis of ctDNA to intercept the whispering voice of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer”

will be held  on February 16 at 4:00 PMat the Aula C LITA (Via Cervi 93 - Segrate) by:

Humanitas Research Hospital 
Molecular Pharmacology Lab


It is also possible to join the seminar remotely after registration by following this link and filling out the form, to receive an email with the possibility of coming back to the pre-registration form and finding the zoom link.


D-MEM seminars committee

Clara De Palma, Nicoletta Landsberger 

06 febbraio 2023
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