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Master in Peripheral Nervous System Disorders 2022-2024

La Statale-Besta


This Master will provide the attendees with a complete update on the Disorders of the Peripheral Nervous System.
The Master is structured into 5 macromodules:

• Structure development and biology of PNS (March 2023, 20-31)
• Diagnostics (June 2023, 5-16)
• Acquired neuropathies (October 2023, 9-20)
• Genetic Neuropathies (April 2024, 8-19)
• Neuropathic Pain & Grant Writing (October 2024, 7-18)

This Master is dedicated to graduated in Medicine or Biology. PhD students and residents in neurology are particularly encouraged to apply.

The Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) has provided funding for up to ten scholarships, for those attending the course from low-income countries.
The Master is delivered by the University of Milan in partnership with IRCCS “Carlo Besta” Neurological Institute.

Deadline for Applying: 7 November 2022



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