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La Lombardia per un futuro ad alta tecnologia: il 19/9 segui l’incontro in Bicocca

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Il 28-29 settembre partecipa agli European Research and Innovation Days 2022

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Life Science, la Statale di Milano prima in Italia nella classifica Arwu

CNR, ecco il neurone artificiale quantistico grazie ai fotoni

Premio Lombardia è Ricerca per studenti: candidature dalle scuole fino al 23/9

Spanish SME specialized in precision agriculture through satellite imagery is looking for commercial agency or license agreements

Spanish Industrial IoT solutions company offers Edge Computing and cybersecure technologies for simplified data and equipment protection, looks for partners to collaborate under technical or commercial with technical assistance agreements

Slovak software company is offering a smart and secure IoT platform and is looking for partners to cooperate via commercial agency agreement or outsourcing agreement

Portuguese technology company specializing in the development of innovative and intuitive business solutions offers Nearshore outsourcing agreements to partners worldwide

Italian research institute looks for partners to use, test and further develop nano-enabled Micro- Electro-Mechanical Systems providing analytical functionalities to chemical sensing systems

Israeli cyber intelligence company, with innovative tech solutions for Dark Web threat, seeks resellers for licence or commercial agency agreement

German Institute of Technology offers applied computational physics aiming to develop or improve green energy technologies.

German AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup offers next generation video understanding AI to analyze videos on a new level and is searching for industry partners

Danish software company offers standard Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software under license

A Bulgarian IT company is looking for new partnership opportunities through signing a commercial agency agreement

Slovenian software developer of information systems for health care, food sector companies, employment services and higher education is looking for partners for commercial agency or outsourcing agreement

Research cooperation agreement for nanoparticulate radiopharmaceutical containing iso-sulphane blue for sentinel lymph node detection in breast cancer

Looking for distribution or joint venture agreements for high quality supplements offered with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting system.

Cloud-based services by a Chinese Internet company is available for overseas partners via a license agreement

A Bulgarian company is looking for a commercial agency agreement for its multi functional software

Spanish company specialized in health technology, software development and healthcare solutions for pharmacies, hospitals, health centres and related in the sector in search of commercial agents, distributors and or manufacturing agreements.

Romanian IT company seeks European and non- European partners under outsourcing agreements

A Finnish SME offering sport video analysis services is looking for partners for licensing or subcontracting agreement in Germany, UK, Spain, France and Italy

New therapeutic use of Botulinum neurotoxin type A: pro-regenerative action in paraplegia recovery

Italian company offers an IT SMART metering water control

French company seeks partners in cardiology, medical imaging or artificial intelligence to distribute Quantified Imaging Resource (QIR-MR) medical device

Catalan company specialized in customisable tourism booking engines looks for a commercial agency agreement in Latin America (LATAM) and elsewhere

A Korean GIS (Geographic information system)- based platform company is looking for a joint R&D partner to develop a digital twin solution for pollutant diffusion and propagation under the research cooperation agreement

A German start-up is looking for licensees for its cloud-based eMarketplace infrastructure

Tech web and graphic app development Romanian company is searching for international cooperation through a commercial agency agreement

Spanish precision medicine SME seeks commercial agents and distributors for their new diagnostic kit for kidney transplant patients and immunosuppressive treatments.

Spanish manufacturer of wooden urns, reliquaries for ashes and apps for funerals is looking for distribution and commercial agency agreements.

Slovenian SME offering advanced analytical platform for enhanced rich data visualization (SQL, OLAP, IoT streaming etc) and ML (machine learning) algorithms seeks commercial agency agreements and licence agreement partners

Romanian software company is offering its web development services through a commercial agency agreement and/or outsourcing agreement

Romanian ITC company offers telemedicine software solution under license or commercial agency agreement

Independent off-grid TV system SME is looking for a distribution service agreement

An Italian SME developing software for oil refinery planning and scheduling operation looks for agency, licence and joint venture agreements

Ukrainian company, acting in the real estate sector, is looking for a financial or joint venture

Technical partners sought for the valorization of IT valuable components and secondary raw materials extraction for commercialization

Slovak SME active in 3D printing and additive manufacturing offers outsourcing agreements

Russian developer of a multifunctional digital platform for managing the infrastructure of a residential complex is looking for foreign partners to conclude a license agreement

Producer of liposomal dietary supplements seeks wholesalers of pharmaceutical products or health food as distribution partners

Italian innovative start-up is looking for partners under service and\or license agreement to join a new platform to support integration and mobility of women planning to live a life-changing experience abroad

Corporate-driven acceleration program for international start-ups and scale-ups in the cardiometabolic and chronic diseases

Bulgarian digital company is looking for subcontracting and/or outsourcing agreements

A Korean engineering & technology consulting company in the smart factory area, is looking for international partners interested in intelligent machine diagnosis & machine data AI analysis solution under a subcontracting or commercial agency agreement

A Dutch healthcare organization seeks proven methods and technologies to apply telemedicine and e-health systems for a new service center

Underwater images acquisition and processing system

Spanish company is looking for distributors for their products focused on the physiotherapy / rehabilitation sector

Optimising lab-on-a-chip applications

Intelligent indicator materials to enable accurate imaging of electromagnetic distribution in the field: microwave thermograph

A Turkish company specialized in military communication equipment offers distribution services, commercial agency and manufacturing agreements

A Korean company specialized in development of software used for dementia prevention is seeking localization, integration and commercial agency partners in EU

A Dutch company is looking for partners with interest in providing autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions under a distribution services agreement.

Ukrainian startup that has developed an innovative sound system is looking for distributors or sales representatives for its products

Italian company specialized in designing and creating simulation tools for assessment, training and employer branding is seeking for international partners under commercial agency and license agreements

Greek company processes dust from fragmented solar panels and seeks for technology aiming to remove

Belarusian university is looking for partners to collaborate on joint projects in the field of medical electronics, digital medicine and innovative technologies for the medicine

A 3D-printed biomimetic tumour angiogenesis model

New nanostructured electrodes for supercapacitors

A Korean SME specialized in developing AI-based software to detect nodules or lesions caused by lung cancer on CT (computed tomography) scans is looking for partners to sell its product

A French SME offers a disruptive technology to broadcast the legal time of a country (UTC) using a new Secured and Traceable time signal via mainly computer networks, under a commercial agreement with technical assistance

Spanish start up with an innovative medical software is looking for commercial agency or license agreements in Italy, UK, France and Germany to introduce its computational fluid dynamics analysis tool for otorhinolaryngology

Russian developer of an IT platform for X-ray and CT analysis using artificial intelligence is looking for partners to conclude a licence agreement

French health company developing an innovative physical rehabilitation device based on space technology is looking for distributors

Russian developer of an IT product that recognizes, analyzes and interprets emotional behaviour is looking for a partner to conclude a joint venture agreement

Portuguese start-up is looking for investors to take an innovative plug unit build to convert electric water heaters into smart (and demand-response) devices with AI and IoT technology into the market stage

German company looks for research partners in the field of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)

Distribution partners are sought by a French company in hygiene/sanitary controls for fast ready-to-use environmental & microbiological tests kits adapted to agri-food, water treatment, dental, healthcare, transport... fields

Autonomous Smart Sensing Card (ASSC) is offered by European consortium for technical cooperation

Active Noise Equalizer (ANE) technology on offer through a license agreement.

A Romanian company who developed a platform that allows the automation of processes in public institutions or private companies is looking for partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance and joint venture

A Kosovan tech company developing unique projects aimed at teaching young engineers and tech enthusiasts aged 8+ skills in engineering, programming and logical project solving is seeking partnerships under a financial agreement

Swiss healthcare company active in fall prevention in nursing homes, hospitals and psychiatric institutions is looking for distributors

Danish biotechnology SME offers technical cooperation for novel prediction software for antibody discovery

New polymeric materials with exceptional mechanical and thermal properties

Spanish SME specialized in Visible Light Communications (VLC) technology wants to enter new markets with their developer-oriented device based on LED light modulation, through licence/ distribution services/joint venture agreements

Japanese manufacturer of protective industrial gloves seeks distribution agreement in the EU

Lithuanian SME offers automatization technology for electrical energy distribution grid

Romanian company offers digital content and advertising for the creating of products' presentation
for marketing and e-commerce purpose through outsourcing or subcontracting agreements

German educational video producer seeks companies and educational institutions for commercial
agency agreement 








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